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2 miles from Disneyworld Florida in world famous Windsor Hils Resort!

Our homes are centrally located to all the main attractions Orlando/Kissimmee have to offer. We are just minutes away from places like Disneyworld, Animal Kingdom, Epcot Center, Disney Springs, The Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, Sea World and more!

Best time of year to visit Disneyworld?

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Looking forward to your next Disneyworld trip, but not when to go?  Off-peak season of course!

Yes, I understand it is a tough ask with littles starting school, but if you can somehow work around that, now is a great time to visit Disneyworld!  August-early December before the holidays are the best time to head to WDW.

Lines are shorter, vacancy is higher so you could get discounted rates for flights, stays and restaurant waits are shorter, etc.

Windsor Hills Resort heats the community pool and splash park year-round, so any day is great time to visit the community pool.  Plus, since it’s Florida, the weather is almost always sunny!

In the event of a storm, Orlando/Kissimmee area and Windsor Hills Resort are in the best possible location in Central Florida where storm impacts are very minimal.  Hurricanes are just some light wind and moderate rain by the time it reaches Windsor Hills Resort.  In the past 2 big hurricanes, Ian and most recent Idalia, our 2 properties have only had some rain one ripped lanai window screen!

It’s a best-kept secret that Aug-Dec is one of the best times to visit Disneyworld!

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